AI is quickly becoming mainstream in many industries, including graphic design. The technology is making the designers giddy with excitement because AI can make the designing process so much faster and easier but — it’s also scary at the same time because we’ve seen what AI systems are capable of.

One of the earliest examples of AI entering the graphic design industry is The Grid, a website which creates modern-looking websites for customers in minutes. Users just need to upload the content and using AI, the Grid will begin setting up the website. The website was launched in 2015. …


As increasing functionality is packaged into ever-shrinking electronics, cooling requirements rise exponentially. While there have been continued advances in high heat flux technologies, commercial, consumer-oriented systems continue to focus on air cooling for reasons of reliability, acoustics, cost and portability.

In order to support the increasing power dissipation levels, designers use high-speed fans with noise, reliability and weight penalties. It has become clear that heat exchange to the ambient has to be more efficient, i.e., better air-side heat transfer with lower air flow rates. …

Abbas Umrethwala

VIT student

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